Audio Preservation

A Zine Just For Podcasters

Hi everyone,

This week I am headed off to San Francisco for the Personal Digital Archiving Conference, being held at Standford, to teach a workshop on archiving tools and tips for podcasters.

A component of our presentation will be centered around a zine I made just for the occasion titled “How to Start Archiving Your Podcast Files”.ZineCover

How to Start Archiving Your Podcast Files [Digital version]

I was inspired to create this zine for a few reasons.  1.) Jaime Mears’ zine she created for the DC Public Library Memory Lab called “Maximum Preservation 2: Electronic Boogaloo”, which you can look at and print here. 2.) My work as a member/volunteer with XFR Collective, a non-profit organization based in New York that performs low-cost video transfers.  We are always striving to provide tools that help demystify archiving and preservation concepts and theories, and overall make these things not-scary.

An important note: if you have a Twitter, feel free to post comments/questions/thoughts/praises about this zine, or about podcast archiving in general, with the hashtag #archivemypodcast.

If you want a physical copy of my zine, please go here.

Thanks for reading! ~(˘▾˘~)