A Zine Just for Podcast Producers!


How to Start Archiving Your Podcast Files [Free digital version]

Hi everyone! I created a zine called “How to Start Archiving Your Podcast Files” to help podcast producers take first steps towards starting a personal archiving project for their files.  This zine made its debut at the “Archiving and Preservation Tools and Techniques for Podcasters” workshop I co-facilitated at the 2017 Personal Digital Archiving Conference at Stanford University.

Paper copies are available and you can pay me here if you want a copy (or two!)  1 zine costs $2 + $1 postage. If you want more than one zine just add $2 extra per zine (postage stays the same).  Please make sure to include your mailing address when you place your order.

I will also consider zine barters/exchanges: get in touch!