Illustrations and Zines

Since I started using computers back in the early 1990s, I have used illustration as a way to learn certain technologies, and represent myself. As a professional archivist, I use drawings, zines, gifs, and other artful tidbits to make archiving, and the technology that supports it, accessible, approachable and fun for everyone.

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XFR/Metro Partnership Zine [pdf]

Made in 2017, XFR Collective (a non-profit organization I volunteered for) partnered with the Metropolitan Library Council to build a transfer station at their studio space in Hell’s Kitchen. This zine provide a quick tutorial on how the rack works, and its various technical components. 

XFR METRO Zine - Page 08 and 9.png

Podcast Archiving Zine [pdf]

In spring 2017, I co-facilitated and presented a workshop at the Personal Digital Archiving annual conference on archiving for podcasters. I created a zine introducing concepts on what makes podcasts a unique format, metadata and backing up your digital files.

Front Cover only


It’s Pronounced Transfer! (graphic for a tote bag to promote XFR Collective)

It's Pronounced Transfer! XFR Collective Tote Bag Graphic

Thank You! Card for Donors to XFR Collective