Playing Catch-up!

Between the time I began this blog and now, a lot has happened! First, I need to say thank you to Rebekah Cuff, professional graphic designer and long-time friend of mine (we were college roommates back in Toronto) who took my love of 1970s/80s typography and background in audio archives and whipped up a sound wave-inspired logo for me:1d10ded7-97cf-432c-96e6-7e5e7c9edf70

This will be a nice thing to have in my pocket when I set out to DC this week for the Radio Preservation Task Force conference, a unique gathering of its kind (as far as I have been told, there has never been a broadcasting history conference held in the United States).  I will be speaking Saturday, 2/27 on the Metadata and Digital Archiving Committee about my NDSR work at NYPR along with my mentor, John Passmore.

Other things that I have been working on/coming up that might be of interest:

  • Code4Lib in Philadelphia is only a couple of weeks away.  I’m especially excited for the pre-conference workshops.  I’m so excited (and not so scared), because as far as the descriptions are concerned, all the topics being covered sound approachable, even to non-programmers like me.
  • I recently posted a blog on the NDSR-NY website about my complex feelings and interactions I have had so far experimenting with CD-R and MiniDisc data extraction in the NYPR archive.  I made sure to make it as gif-laden as humanly possible. Enjoy!
  • Speaking of optical media: my cohort is planning an all-day preservation symposium we are cheekily calling “Let’s Get Digital” in conjunction with the Archivists Roundtable of New York.  I’ll be hosting a workshop on optical media extraction.

I think three updates is enough for now!


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